Following years of work and many successful projects, we have acquired the ability to fully organize all of our projects based on the latest technologies and consistent expertise.


Sebino Landi T.S. is a fully certified company that offers its clients the ultimate guarantees for exceptional quality and assurance for all of the products and services provided.


The latest award received by Sebino Landi T.S. was Top 3 Micro Companies at the “National Top of Romania Private Enterprise Awards” underlying the team’s continuous dedication to our Customers.


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Sebino Landi is committed to data transparency and engaged in pursuing the latest innovations. As we value our client's needs and we know that being informed is essencial nowadays for maintaining a successfull business, we would like to share this information with you. Now you can always have access to it though our online brochure. Easy to download straight from our site, it will keep you updated on our latest news, the services we provide and more.