Sebino Fire Protetion SRL was launched in Romania in 2009 as an expansion of the Sebino Group based in Italy and founded by Mr. Marco Cadei

The company specialized in designing, producing and installing automatic and firefighting systems and managed to position itself as one of the market leaders, achieving high levels of quality and reliability for its fire protection plants. This was possible through constant development of technology and the products employed together with the unfaltering growth of know-how and human resources expertise involved in all stages of the process, from design through testing and commissioning of each installation.

Sebino Fire Protection SRL installed firefighting systems and delivered firefighting products and equipment for various sectors including:

  • Logistic and Distribution Centres
  • Shopping Centres
  • Hospitals
  • Multi-storey Parking Facilities
  • Industrial buildings and Manufacturing Plants
  • Power plants
  • Banks and Credit Institutions

In 2015 Sebino Fire Protection SRL joined forces with Landi SpA becoming Sebino Landi Technological Systems Srl.

The new organization now offers a wider range of services from the firefighting systems as well as electrical installations.

 Our mission is to always deploy the highest level of technical standards to ensure complete reliability in everything we do.

Sebino-Landi proudly provides a comprehensive service to consistently ensure the highest quality standards in the installation and maintenance of certified firefighting systems.

A modern and flexible organization that works in partnership with the customer from the very first phase of the project through to satisfactory completion.

Every step of the process, from risk analysis to the start-up, through the choice of the equipment and components, and then to the use of innovative methods of installation, is driven by the goal of providing technological excellence matched with economic viability.

Our Expertise


Years of Experience

Both Sebino Group and Landi Spa have more than 40 years of experience in designing and installing technological systems.


Successful Projects

During these 4 decades of working with technological systems we completed more than 2000 projects all around the world.



We are proud of our successful highly skilled employees in Italy and Romania and looking forward to expand our team.

Our Staff

Mature business man working in team with his colleagues at office

We are proud of our team and we know we could never be successful without our staff's experience and without the knowledge of the human resources involved in all stages of the process. This is why we are pleased to present you our colleagues from Italy and Romania. If you are interested in applying for a position, please visit Careers page.