The design activities are of primary importance from the very first technical and commercial stages of a new project:

  • During the process of fire risks analysis, in order to evaluate and choose the best operative technical solution for the most efficient control of risks;
  • While elaborating the preliminary drafts, for defining the fundamental project and its functional parameters, as well as the specialized components of the plant;
  • While preparing the preliminary technical-commercial offer, which has to be transparent, complete and accurate.

The design then becomes decisive and crystallizes in the next steps of the project:

  • The elaboration of an executive technical-commercial offer - by using specialized software, we can arrive to the detailed dimensioning of the turn-key project;
  • The validation of the project according to the corresponding norms and standards - by using specific software for the hydraulic calculations;
  • The preparation in our workshop of the structural drawings for the pre-construction stage and of the specific and peculiar components of the project;
  • The process of outlining on-site the installation procedures and time schedule, from the system components construction until the final commissioning of the plant.